Explore an alternate source of heat

F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc. is a supplier of high-quality coal stoves and the fuel to keep you warm. Get a free ½ ton of coal, bagged or bulk, when you purchase a coal stove from us. Stop in the shop, check out the stoves below, or head over to our Coal page to learn more about the money-saving heating options available.

Pennsylvania's Best Stoker Stove

Looking for a Pennsylvania-made stoker stove? Look no further. Leisure Line offers an array of high-quality stoker stoves made in Berwick. Options range from the Lil’ Heater with 70,000 BTU to the Hyfire II at 180,000 BTU. The larger stoves come with the option of a hot air jacket to hook up to your existing hot air system for even heating throughout your home. For more information on what Leisure Line has to offer, check them out at

See the difference in a hand-fired Ashland stove

These Amish-made, versatile units burn anthracite, bituminous coal, and even wood. Ashland stoves have an internal gravity-fed hopper that is easily removable if you’d like to fuel it with wood.

The Coal-EZ unit requires absolutely no electricity and hooks up to a chimney. These silent stoves have a mechanical draft and thermal override to ensure optimal burning efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • Hardwood charcoal
  • Straw
  • Salt (water softener)
  • Salt Blocks
  • Dog licenses
  • Coal starters
  • Glass cleaners
  • Fire Starters