Learn about F.M. Brown's Sons, Inc.'s fuel oil and coal division

The Fuel Division of F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc. began from the vision of our founder George Brown in 1843. He started his legacy with a water-powered grist mill, which is now a registered National Historic Landmark on Monocacy Creek in PA. The mill stands today as solid as the day it was built.

Franklin M. Brown, George’s son, directed the company and retired in 1920. His four sons then formed the F.M. Brown’s Sons partnership, which was incorporated in 1948.

Franklin’s second son, B. Clay Brown, moved to Reading in 1920 and began the Coal and Feed business on Lancaster Avenue. Fuel oil was added to their line of energy products in 1947.

B. Clay Brown retired in 1969 and the division grew under the management of C. Merrill Brown. F.M. Brown’s Sons, Inc. currently maintains its strong foundation with the leadership of the fifth and sixth generation of Browns.